POSTPONED Easter/Passover

Mar 19 to Apr 03, 2024 - 15 days
Presented by:
Dr Debra Snoddy

Program Description

CBF programs are committed to providing participants with a meaningful experience of the bible,the people, and the land by presenting various interpretations and reflections on the Scripture text from both Christian and Jewish perspectives as well as its implications in contemporary times through the following elements:


·  12-14 sessions delivered by the primary lecturer including 3-4 sessions via Zoom

·  Up to six sessions facilitated by Jewish professors

·  Up to six sessions facilitated by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, their associates and friends

·  At least two sessions dedicated to becoming more familiar with the geopolitical situation in Israel and its implications

·  Input on Islam in the context of interreligious dialogue and relevant Church documents(i.e., Nostra Aetate)

·  Up to four excursions related to the Scripture text being studied; Galilee being one of the excursions

·  Liturgical celebrations in holy sites (to be determined by the group)

·  An opportunity to attend synagogue service/s

Passover Programme

Celebrate Easter in the Holy Land and learn about the intimate connections that Catholics and Jews share. Your learning experience will involve text study of Exodus, and Isaiah presented by Jewish scholars and the Gospel of John as well as exploring the locations where the first Easter event happened. With your classroom on the Via Dolorosa itself, you will be ideally placed to experience Easter and the sacred mystery of the Triduum as you have never experienced them before.

This is a unique opportunity to build a Christian identity and explore Jewish connections in a creative and nurturing environment with the support of a team of experts in their fields.

The last week of Jesus' life will be explored through the lens of the Gospel of John and how this Gospel has shaped and continues to shape our understanding of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. You are invited to journey from the heat and intrigue of the upper room and Jesus' final meal through Gethsemane and the glory (yes, glory!) of the cross, to the garden from where Mary Magdalene is sent to proclaim the wonder of the resurrection of Jesus who is called Christ and Son of God.

Dr Debra Snoddy is a Roman Catholic theologian and biblical scholar trained at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium with 25 years' experience in diocesan pastoral work and university education. She currently lectures at the Catholic Institute of Sydney | University of the Notre Dame in biblical studies. She will lead the group experience of the texts and liturgies, with the assistance of local experts in Jewish-Christian relations, the history of the Holy Land, biblio-drama, Passover and its connections with Easter as well as a few delightful surprises along the way.


$ 3,750 USD


The fee includes, tuition, accommodation, full board, excursions, domestic travel, entrance fees and gratuities. Registered participants are given access to a program webpage with readings, itinerary, schedule and planning information.

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