From the Wilderness to the Promised Land   ONLINE ZOOM

2021: Monday Oct.18, Tuesday Oct. 19, Monday Oct.25Tuesday Oct.26, Monday Nov.1, Tuesday Nov. 2
Primary Lecturer:
Jared Goldfarb

Program Description

Presented by Jared Goldfarb

6 ZOOM sessions

DATES: 2021:    Monday Oct.18, Tuesday Oct. 19, Monday OCt.25

Tuesday Oct.26, Monday Nov.1, Tuesday Nov. 2 (90 minutes each)

Time: 3:00 p.m. Jerusalem Time

Cost $150.00


A biblical and visual exploration of the formation of the Kingdom of Israel in the Hebrew Books of the Prophets

In this 6-part series, we'll study various aspects of the critical transition in the biblical narrative when the wandering Israelites enter and settle the land of Canaan.  Using source texts from the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel & Kings, as well as modern archaeological excavations, participants will track the geography of conquest and settlement, examine the interactions between Israel and the other peoples of the land, contemplate the paradigm shift from Twelve Tribes to a United Kingdom, experience the genesis of pilgrimage to the Holy Temple, and explore the impact of Kings David and Solomon on the political and architectural landscape, especially in and around Jerusalem.  Virtual tours of the biblical geography and of well-known archaeological sites will enable us to experience each event as it plays out, and better understand how this historical period serves as a foundation for our own faith identities and our relationship with the Holy Land today.

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