Registration / booking for your chosen program

CBF has been able to confirm acceptance of your application to join the program of Biblical Formation based at Ecce Homo, Jerusalem.

To finalise we request you:

1. Print out PDF (Medical) for completion by your Physician / GP and return to;

2. Complete PDF (Resume): your academic / work background.

3. Complete PDF (Biography): a short overview for inclusion on our protected student website, for your program.

4. Provide a digital photograph (passport style or informal)

5. Digital scan of your passport (photo i.d. page)

6. Proof of medical insurance

All the above should be completed and emailed to CBf as soon as you are able to. email to:


certification of health


format guide


format guide



Please refer to the program fees and methods of payments, previously advised.

These, together with other important cost implications can be seen again on the PDF below (Fees)


and related costs