September 3-October 1  2019 



Rev.Dr Michael Trainor DTheol CHCD



The study of rediscovering Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel at Ecce Homo’s Centre of Biblical Formation in the Old City of Jerusalem will be a unique experience. Of the four canonical gospels, Matthew’s is the most explicitly Jewish. The evangelist addresses Jewish followers of Jesus struggling to know the authenticity of their discipleship in the light of their Jewish heritage and the Torah. Matthew presents Jesus as an authentic Torah teacher like Moses. He offers confidence for Matthew’s gospel household living in a Greco-Roman world of the 80s CE. This study of Matthew’s gospel in Jerusalem, in the land of Jesus, will include visits to significant biblical places, in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. It will deepen participant’s understanding of the Gospel as Jewish literature and confirm the ongoing relevance of Matthew’s gospel for contemporary Jesus followers seeking to confirm their religious identity in a world that challenges and confuses.



Your program is comprised of lectures, individual study, group study and field trips. Most lectures take place at the centre, in our fully equipped classrooms. Additional topics are explored with specialist presenters; e.g. the socio / political situation of the region, feasts, archaeology etc.


Cost: Tuition Fees with full board and all excursion expenses.

$ 5,000 USD plus air fare.


Following enrolment students are given access to a student information website with course readings, a detailed program / schedule,  overview of  lecturers and planned information.