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Fr. Scott Lewis SJ. S.S.L.,S.T.L.,S.T.D.

This is a two week programme.


Over the last three decades, a revolutionary breakthrough in New Testament scholarship has been rocking the academic Christian world. The scholars at the forefront of the revolution — E.P. Sanders, James D.G. Dunn, N.T. Wright, and others — have been pioneering a new approach to the letters of the first-century apostle to the Gentiles, Paul of Tarsus.

These Protestants are engaging first-century Judaism on its own terms, not in the context of the Protestant-Catholic debates of the sixteenth century. The result: A new historical perspective on the meaning of Paul’s polemic against the Judaizers which occupies so much of his recorded correspondence.

What is this new perspective? At its core is the recognition that Judaism is not a religion of self-righteousness whereby humankind seeks to merit salvation before God. Paul’s argument with the Judaizers was not about Christian grace versus Jewish legalism. His argument was rather about the status of Gentiles in the church. Paul’s doctrine of justification, therefore, had far more to do with Jewish-Gentile issues than with questions of the individual’s status before God.

This new perspective on Paul promises to help us:

  • Better understand Paul and the early church;

  • Reconcile contemporary biblical scholarship with theology;

  • Build common ground between Catholics and Protestants;

  • Improve dialogue between Christians and Jews; and

  • Flesh out a theological foundation for social justice.


The program is comprised of lectures, individual study, group study and field trips.

Most lectures take place at the centre, in our fully equipped classrooms. Additional topics are explored with specialist presenters; e.g. the socio / political situation of the region, feasts, archaeology etc.


Cost: Tuition Fees with full board and all excursion expenses.

$ 3,150 USD plus air fare.


Following enrolment students are given access to a student information website with course readings, a detailed program / schedule,  overview of  lecturers and planned information. 



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