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    July 11 - 26  2021   




Dr. Callie Callon PhD




Many of the women who are portrayed in the bible are frequently either underdiscussed or misinterpreted in much of contemporary popular thought.  The primary focus of this course will be to address this in two ways.  First, by highlighting the accomplishments of women in both testaments who played authoritative and significant roles in Israelite and early Christian historical memory, ranging from Miriam to Phoebe.  Second, by a closer reading and re-examination of women whose narratives have been misunderstood or misrepresented – beginning with Eve and ending with Mary (not a prostitute!) Magdalene.



Your program is comprised of lectures, individual study, group study and field trips. Most lectures take place at the centre, in our fully equipped classrooms. Additional topics are explored with specialist presenters; e.g. the socio / political situation of the region, feasts, archaeology etc.


Cost: Tuition Fees with full board and all excursion expenses.

$ 3,150 USD plus air fare.


Following enrolment students are given access to a student information website with course readings, a detailed program / schedule,  overview of  lecturers and planned information. 



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