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Students - Galilee



   June 1 - 22  2021   




Dr. Janine Luttick, Ph.,D



“Who do you say, I am?” (Mark 8:27, 29). The questions of who Jesus is and what does it mean to identify with him are explored from the beginning to the end of the narrative of Mark’s gospel. The answers that the narrative provides are complex. On the one hand, an association with the Markan Jesus involves healing, hope and the promise of life. On the other hand, to identify with Jesus also suggests suffering, fear and trauma. How may this narrative have been heard in the first century CE? Why did this narrative need to be told? Does the narrative have anything left to say to a hearer or reader in the 21st century? Using historical, literary and hermeneutical approaches, you will explore these questions through an examination of the portrait of the Markan Jesus and what it meant/means to identify with this figure.



Your program is comprised of lectures, individual study, group study and field trips. Most lectures take place at the centre, in our fully equipped classrooms. Additional topics are explored with specialist presenters; e.g. the socio / political situation of the region, feasts, archaeology etc.


Cost: Tuition Fees with full board and all excursion expenses.

$ 4,000 USD plus air fare.


Following enrolment students are given access to a student information website with course readings, a detailed program / schedule,  overview of  lecturers and planned information. 



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